1. Connect at the Q Center


The best place to start your 365PDXq tour is at the Q Center—Portland’s LGBTQ Community Center.  The Q Center is located on hip and happening N. Mississippi Avenue and is home to dozens of community groups, weekly special events, an ever-growing community library, queer businesses, and a resource center.  When I go to the Q Center for a meeting or an event, I’m always drawn to the queer history timeline that surrounds the main event space.

Seriously, the Q Center has whatever you need to start your queer life or visit in Portland.  Drop in, grab the newest issue of PQ Monthly or Just Out, say hi to Barbara or Logan or Paul, and get started living the PDXq lifestyle.  Don’t know anyone in town yet? Sign up to volunteer and meet lots of new friends.

The Q Center also is home to SMYRC, the Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center over on Sandy Blvd, which will make a visit to later here at 365PDXq.

I’m sure we’ll be returning to the Q Center many times as we spend 365 queer days in Portland.  See you soon Q Center! And, thanks for being you!

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