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24. Get Fancy at Greed on Saturday Night

One of the best qualities of the queer community in Portland is how fluid it is.  This is not a binary town with a gay subculture and lesbian subculture, and never the twain shall meet.  There is room for all … Continue reading

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23. Get to Know Portland’s Gay Food Icon James Beard in I LOVE TO EAT at Portland Center Stage

You there, the one taking a picture of your burger at Little Bird or your ramen at Boke Bowl.  Yes you!  You wouldn’t be doing that if it weren’t for James Beard, the gay Portland food icon who literally started … Continue reading

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22. Save the Kitties at Hamburger Mary’s Charity Bingo

I love kitties.  And, I love hamburgers.  And, I love giving.  Can I combine these loves? Bingo!  No, seriously.  By playing bingo–charity bingo–at Hamburger Mary’s.  They do it every Tuesday and Sunday.  And, tonight’s beneficiary is the Feral Cat Coalition … Continue reading

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21. Contribute to Esther’s Pantry

A program of HIV service provider Our House, Esther’s Pantry provides food and personal care items for low income individuals living with HIV, specifically in Clackamas County. Named in honor of Charles “Edith” Brinker, a community leader and one of … Continue reading

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20. Tell Tina Kotek What You Think

Portland House Representative Tina Kotek just made national history when she was sworn in as the first openly lesbian House Speaker in the United States.  She has represented the 44th District, covering North and Northest Portland, since 2006 following a … Continue reading

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19. Warm Up on the Dance Floor–REVOLUTION at CC Slaughters

It is cold.  We are sick and tired of shivering and wearing so many layers.  2012 is behind us and 2013 hasn’t really kicked in yet.  We need to kickstart this thing into action.  Time to shed those layers and … Continue reading

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18. Strike Out (in a good way) in the PDX Pride Bowling League

The place to find me regularly is Friday night at AMF Pro 300 Lanes because I’m a big gay bowler.  The PDX Pride bowling league on Friday nights is not only one of the largest gay sports leagues in the … Continue reading

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