43. Support Marriage Equality in Oregon

LOVEoregonThis week, Basic Rights Oregon announced that they are ready to lead the charge on getting marriage equality on the state ballot for 2014.  The petition drive to get it on the ballot starts NOW, with a major rollout tomorrow to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

Basic Rights Oregon has been working hard behind the scenes for years to lay the groundwork for this effort.  And, the anti-equality forces that have stymied efforts in the past are still there, still active and ready for a fight.   Now is not the time to rest on laurels.

What can you do to help? Attend a community launch event on Valentine’s Day.  Simply sign a pledge of support at the website.  Write a letter to the media or your political representative.  Make sure your friends and family know and support the cause.  Volunteer your time.  And, of course, donate your money.


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