58. Reserve Your Booth for Portland and Vancouver Pride

PrideNWStrut your stuff to locals and tourists alike with a booth at Portland Pride and Vancouver Pride (aka Saturday in the Park).  Whether you are a business, solo entrepreneur, non-profit, sports league, a food vendor, whatever…show it off to the queer masses at pride this summer.  But, get your booth early because they sell out quick.

In 2013, Portland Pride is June 15-16th and will once again be at the waterfront.  This is the huge grandaddy PDX pride event and tens of thousands of folks will be coming through that weekend.  Saturday is the fun laid back day, and Sunday gets a little crazy after that parade.  If you want mass exposure to the queer community, this is the place to be. For more info on reserving a booth, visit the Pride Northwest website.

sitplogo1Saturday in the Park on July 13th is a family-friendly celebration in Portland’s marriage-equality loving neighbor across the river.  With the recent passage of marriage equality, this year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever.  Like a big ol’ wonderful family picnic, Vancouver’s Saturday in the Park is a loose and lively afternoon of pride and non-prejudice.  And, the booths are a steal at just $85 when reserved by June 1st.

We’ll be covering both pride event more in depth as we get closer to the dates.  But, if you are thinking about getting a booth….NOW is the time to do it.

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Be Back Soon

Got a little sidelined by the flu this past week….be back soon.  March is jam packed with queer things to do in Portland, and we’ll be counting them down for you.  As soon as this damn flu evacuates.

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57. Read PQ Monthly

PQMonthlyWe often link to PQ Monthly here at the 365 PDXq blog, but we have yet to simply list it as one of the great queer things to do in PDX.  And, in light of this week’s news of the folding (yet again) of Just Out, it is time to declare that you should read PQ Monthly.

December 2011 delivered some shocking news.  Marty Davis was ending her legendary run at Just Out, Portland’s longest-running queer news source, and shutting down the newspaper.  But, Portland wouldn’t be without a queer news outlet for long.

Melanie Davis, the lesbian publisher of Portland’s El Hispanic News, stepped up to fill the void.  She announced the launch of PQ Monthly, a newspaper that hits the streets of Portland in middle of each month to share community news, columnist perspective and sharp dash of fun and frivolity.  For a sense of continuity, many of Marty’s staff at Just Out came aboard to help the new venture get started with a splash.

PQ Monthly also hosts several fun events each month, but none more Portland-y than the monthly Press Party.  Each month, the staff and advertisers and community members gather at a different location to celebrate the release of the new issue.  This is a key see-and-be-seen event of the community and all are welcome.  Hope to see you there next month!

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56. Patronize Queer Businesses via PABA

pabaRemember when that lesbian couple went to get a wedding cake and the homophobic bakery turned them away? It didn’t have to be that way.  You can patronize a plethora of queer and queer-friendly business throughout the Portland-Vancouver area.  How can you find them? Make PABA–the Portland Area Business Association–your first stop.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, PABA is the LGBT chamber of commerce for the Portland-Vancouver Metro area.  This is your go-to organization when you want to support LGBT-owned and LGBT-friendly businesses.  With over 200 members, you should be able to find the right business connection for almost any need you may have.

PABA is about much more than just connecting PDX queer businesses.  The organization is an advocate at the city, state and national level for LGBT-inclusive contracting and business practices.  And, each year PABA hands out several scholarships to several promising young LGBT business students.

Get involved with PABA by checking out a networking mixer or attending the monthly luncheon.  Or simply patronize PABA member business committed to enriching the queer business environment throughout the Portland-Vancouver area.

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55. Get Snapped by Horace Long

horaceI hate to break it to you.  Having an iPhone with Instagram on it does not make you a photographer.  No, your friend who has Photoshop doesn’t count either.  Sometimes you need a professional.  Sometimes, you need to let go of control and have someone else in charge of the lights and the camera and the action.  Sometimes, you need Horace Long.

His Southeast Portland studio takes you away from all your cares in the world.  Relax and have a chat with Horace (who has some great stories), experiment with some props and costumes, set up a playlist, and then let the games begin.  You start posing and Horace starts snapping and before you know it….magic!

In addition to being a kick-ass photographer, Horace is also art director for Just Out….you can pick up any issue and see how great his work can be.

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54. Channel Xena and Gabrielle at the Women’s Arm Wrestling Tourney

armwrestleOk, ladies.  Look at your arm.  Does it make you think more of Xena or more of Gabrielle?  Whichever she-ro it might be, you have all week to prime it for the Women’s Arm Wrestling Tournament on March 1st at Sloan’s Tavern.  The Xena class is for the big ‘n’ bad arms and the Garbrielle class is for the smaller ‘n’ kinda bad arms.

Sign-ups start at 6:30pm.  Throw-downs start at 7:30pm.  5 bucks to enter.  Why all the arm wrestling and warrior princesses?  It is a benefit for Portland’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls.

Not sure if you want to participate yet?  No worries….if you get there and fall under the sway of the competition, one buck allows you to challenge anyone in the room to a wrassle.

What?  You looked at your arm it is neither Xena or Gabrielle?  Or you are not a lady?  Then come on down and just have a great time.  You can even enter the raffle to win Trailblazer stuff, She Bop stuff, tattoo and piercing stuff, and other stuff.

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53. Root for the Oscars at Scandals

ScandalsOscarTime for the Oscars, the high holy days of queer events.  I, for one, take the Oscars so seriously that no one else is allowed in the room unless they have passed a difficult Oscar trivia quiz and have signed an agreement to be completely silent during the proceedings.  So, I don’t go to a lot of Oscar parties, but people do love them some Oscar parties.

If I were to go to an Oscar party, I would be sure to hit up Scandals, which is excellent at present viewing parties.  With three glorious HD TVs, plus those drink specials and a nice crowd, Scandals is gonna be a blast on Sunday night.  (If you want to get gussied up and spend some dough, Poison Waters is hosting the NW Film Center’s Oscar party at Hotel Deluxe).

So, what is the queer angle on the Oscar nominations?  Not much this year.  How to Survive a Plague is nominated for Best Documentary, and you can root for the queer jock character in Best Animated Feature contender ParaNorman from PDX company Laika.  I’m hoping for a Lincoln screenplay win from gay writer Tony “Angels in America” Kushner.

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