Portland’s GayBorhoods


“So, where is the gay neighborhood here in Portland?”

That is a question that we get asked A LOT here in the fabulous PDX region. And, well, one thing that makes PDX so darned fabulous is the answer to that question.

“There isn’t one, because we are here, we’re queer and we are everywhere!”

And, it is true. There is no one neighborhood that is a center of gravity to our LGBT communities. And, even better, you can find queer elements in almost every nook and cranny of this great town.

We realize that may not be helpful for the newbie in town who may want to know where to start their journey through gay Portlandia, so in that spirit, I present the Portland GayBorhood Guide. I’ll break it down by area and look at all the hot and cool LGBT stuff you need to know about, no matter where you might be in the 503 (or 360, for that matter).

In the relatively recent past, the gay scene was centered quite firmly downtown in the Stark Triangle, where a cluster of bars occupied the junction of Stark and Burnside. As Portland blossomed over the last couple of decades, the queer scene—just like many other movements—went micro-local and into the neighborhoods. These days, you can find locally roasted third wave coffee and neighborhood microbrews on nearly every corner, and you will just a likely find a queer resource on almost every block.

In each GayBorhood article, we will highlight the events, nightlife, businesses and community resources available. And, since some ‘hoods have more going on than others, we stamp our own highly subjective ranking on each area, which just might help you figure out where to start your journey.

We openly acknowledge that these guides may not be comprehensive, and that neighborhoods evolve, so we encourage you to chime in. Let us know what is going on in your own GayBorhood!


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