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63. Hang Out at Starky’s

Time change days like today are always so odd feeling.  I’m always drawn to the comfort of familiar faces and places.  Today is the perfect day to hang out at Starky’s. Starky’s (on…you guessed it…SE Stark) is my go-to neighborhood gay … Continue reading

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56. Patronize Queer Businesses via PABA

Remember when that lesbian couple went to get a wedding cake and the homophobic bakery turned them away? It didn’t have to be that way.  You can patronize a plethora of queer and queer-friendly business throughout the Portland-Vancouver area.  How … Continue reading

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55. Get Snapped by Horace Long

I hate to break it to you.  Having an iPhone with Instagram on it does not make you a photographer.  No, your friend who has Photoshop doesn’t count either.  Sometimes you need a professional.  Sometimes, you need to let go … Continue reading

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47. Hang Out at JOQs

It is a long weekend, but also a busy weekend.  Looking to just chill and hang out for a bit at a neighborhood joint.  JOQs just might be the place. A long time fixture in Irvington, JOQs is the neighborhood … Continue reading

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42. Explore the Gayborhood: Irvington/Hollywood

Here at the 365PDXq blog, we’ll occasionally look at one Portland gayborhood in particular.  This time, let’s traipse through Irvington/Hollywood.  Ready to take Broadway to Hollywood??? Irvington even has a gay bar for goodness sake! Joq’s has been a neighborhood … Continue reading

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36. Get Your Wedding Cake at Pastrygirl

There is no need to go to a homophobic bakery for your wedding cake.  Also, there is no need for celebrity cake gurus to fly into town and save our weddings.  There are plenty of queer bakers in town.  For … Continue reading

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35. Get Approved with Rose City Mortgage

Rose City Mortgage is the go-to local mortgage brokerage in town for many LGBT homebuyers.  Founder Renee Spears started this alternative to the big banks specifically to work with LGBT clients who had been historically discriminated against by the big … Continue reading

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