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57. Read PQ Monthly

We often link to PQ Monthly here at the 365 PDXq blog, but we have yet to simply list it as one of the great queer things to do in PDX.  And, in light of this week’s news of the … Continue reading

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56. Patronize Queer Businesses via PABA

Remember when that lesbian couple went to get a wedding cake and the homophobic bakery turned them away? It didn’t have to be that way.  You can patronize a plethora of queer and queer-friendly business throughout the Portland-Vancouver area.  How … Continue reading

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55. Get Snapped by Horace Long

I hate to break it to you.  Having an iPhone with Instagram on it does not make you a photographer.  No, your friend who has Photoshop doesn’t count either.  Sometimes you need a professional.  Sometimes, you need to let go … Continue reading

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54. Channel Xena and Gabrielle at the Women’s Arm Wrestling Tourney

Ok, ladies.  Look at your arm.  Does it make you think more of Xena or more of Gabrielle?  Whichever she-ro it might be, you have all week to prime it for the Women’s Arm Wrestling Tournament on March 1st at … Continue reading

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53. Root for the Oscars at Scandals

Time for the Oscars, the high holy days of queer events.  I, for one, take the Oscars so seriously that no one else is allowed in the room unless they have passed a difficult Oscar trivia quiz and have signed … Continue reading

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52. Get Real with The Kinsey Sicks on March 6th

Have The Kinsey Sicks really been with us almost 20 years?  Wow!  If you haven’t seen them before, you are in for a treat at the Star Theater on March 6th. From San Francisco to New York to Vegas to … Continue reading

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51. Geek Out at Wizard World Portland This Weekend

Most comic-cons are more queer than a pride festival.  Of course the main cause is comics and genre works, but I guarantee there will be a lot of hot nerdy LGBTers to geek out with while running into top comic … Continue reading

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